Sunday, April 15, 2007

Busting the Myths of Sustainable Push-Bike Culture (I’m not talking sports)

Are there any excuses left for people to not be a part of Sustainable Push-Bike Culture?
It is dangerous to ride a bike. True, and almost as dangerous as driving a car… The frightening fast cars passing you is just like the fear of flying (unjustified). Is driving a 1 tonne vehicle at 17meters a second (60km/hr) is safe ? The health benefits from cycling continually show in many studies to outway the risk of injury.
More difficult for cyclists to crash and kill other people “accidently”
When cyclists back out of drive ways they don’t run over toddlers (4WD problem)
Annual Road toll is horrific (1500), but exhaust emissions is 20000. If the government was serious about reducing road toll they would make helmets compulsory for motorists.
Childhood obesity is an epidemic now. 80% less kids ride/walk to school. More cycling as kids leads to safer driving cars when adults.
Combining transport and exercise is perfect for today’s busy lifestyles
Roads are paid from all tax payers to be used by everyone, like parks and footpaths.
Obeying traffic rules is in our favour: Compulsory to ride safely, predictably & in straight lines (don’t weave around parked cars). Allow cars to pass safely in next lane.
Dangerous to ride in gutter, close to car doors, or in “bike pictures lanes” near car doors. This just further encourages cars to squeeze dangerously past you.
There will never be a separated bike path to your front door, connected to everywhere you want to go. Cycling skills can be learned to stop getting annoyed by cars.
Exercise and sweat keeps you fit and your body and skin clean
Long loved & Pre-loved bikes save on pollution caused from the production of new bicycles overseas. They isolate you from the all consuming multinational greed cycle. Less chance of these bikes getting stolen aswell.
No new roads, no new cars, a just transition to a sustainable future!
No climate changing fossil fuels, but remember there is no such thing as a green car
Peace and Sustainability not wars for oil, or oil spills, or peak oil chaos
Effective communities not Urban Sprawl. Car infrustructure uses up 40% of cities land area
Cycling fun not stressful road rage or social isolation
Drunk driving/Smoking is socially unacceptable now, after 30 years, When will cars be?
We love appropriate use of cars: ambulances, fire trucks etc. But car congestion blocks them.
Footpaths are exactly that for feet. So walk your bike or ride at walking pace. Do not ride as fast as a jogger, this is dumb and dangerous. We don’t want pedestrians hating us too!
Bags on bikes (panniers), baskets, kiddy trailers are very handy when shopping, etc.
Travelling by bike is faster than you think. Proper bike setup and gears make a difference!

So why are you not riding a bike? When you answer with your usual excuse you have been using, read above to find your myth busted. If your only excuse is “I’m too lazy” then I wish you well with your Car Carnage & Consumeristic Climate Changing Chaos Culture!